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Urgent Pool Matter
Posted on Jun 21st, 2022

Dear Co-owners and Tenants:
It has come to our attention that damage was caused at the clubhouse Wednesday June 15th.  On that date, it was reported that someone had let in a person or party that resulted in excess of 20 people.  We are reviewing the camera footage and key usage on that date and any co-owner or tenant will be responsible for damages potentially caused by their guests, fines and restricted pool usage.  As a reminder each tenant or co-owner must use their own key to enter the pool and are limited to a few guests.  You should not be letting people into the pool without their key.  While we understand that some people are known East Bay residents, we are asking you to please keep your key on your possession as we may need to also limit bathroom access if issues persist.  It is critical this information is communicated to tenants.
Please do your part in protecting our property and if an immediate issue arises, please send an email to board@eastbaywalledlake.com 
6/22/22 Another person reported they saw a kid jump the fence and let someone in; if you see this, PLEASE speak up or send a board email asap so we can ask them to leave before things get out of hand.
6/29/22 It appears the landscapers left a gate unlocked and it was reported approx 10 people entered through that opening.  We are on high watch, so please report the moment you see someone jump the fence, let in large groups etc.  We would like to nip this in the bud.  Gate was inspected and lock had been replaced.
7/8/22 We had 2 incidents on July 4th and 5th and the police were notified of trespassers on the 5th.  Someone is letting in groups of people unattended and we are at an all time high of people jumping the fence regularly.  
PLEASE DO NOT LET IN PEOPLE WITHOUT KEYS.  PLEASE REPORT TO THE board@eastbaywalledlake.com immediately if you see someone hopping the fence or letting in large groups so we can look at key usage during an illegal entry.  Please do not be offended if a member of the board asks for you name and unit number until we can take back our private property.  Reminder that you may only have a few guests at the pool and you must be in attendance with them AT ALL TIMES.  Kids MUST have supervision at the pool and in the hot tub.  Please do not pop balloons or or bring anything that can clog the drains in the pool or hot tub. DO NOT PROP OPEN THE FENCE.  Also please make sure you are leaving the pool by 10pm.  Thank you!!
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