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New owners of unfinished areas begin cleanup
Posted on May 10th, 2011

If you haven’t noticed yet, some cleanup work has been happening this week around the unfinished portions of our community. The pallets of bricks along Village Drive were removed Monday, and debris in many of the areas has been removed. We are grateful to the new owners of these properties, which were sold at the end of April by the original developer, East Bay Village LLC, for beginning to take care of these longstanding issues.
One of the new owners, Rod Hadash, discussed their intentions for the property during the recent Annual Meeting. Rod said they hope to construct at least one new building “fairly soon,” though he did not give a specific timeframe. He also said they had only started to assess some of the issues regarding these properties but assured us that they are committed to addressing any issues with safety and aesthetics, including removing the trailers from the Phase 3 area north of the pool. “Nobody wants to see East Bay Village values increase faster than we do,” Rod said. We realize that everyone in our community is eager to see improvements to the unfinished areas, particularly the foundations for buildings 13 and 18, and we are encouraged that the new owners already have taken action in response to our concerns and those raised by the city.
One of the new owners will serve on the Association’s Board of Directors, replacing Mark Fenton of East Bay Village LLC. (Our Bylaws allow the developer to maintain one of the seats on the board until at least 90% of the units planned are sold.) In addition, we welcomed Donald Parshall onto the board at the annual meeting to succeed Jason Woodward, who did not seek reelection.
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