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The Pool is open!!
Saturday, May 28th to Monday, October 31st
Reminder pool usage is for co-owners; all guests must be accompanied by an owner or verified tenant with lease agreement; guests are limited to moderate numbers.  No large parties are allowed at the pool and clubhouse rentals do NOT include the pool usage.  Please adhere to the posted hours or keys will be restricted.  Children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
Drop off Pick up boat and kayak deck added by water entry
Wednesday, June 1st to Saturday, December 31st
We have added a small dock for kayak entry and boat drop off and pick ups.  Please DO NOT  use the main dock to avoid damage or you will be responsible for damage.  Please direct your pick ups to the small dock.  We are not responsible for damages or injuries using this dock.  There are NO short term tie ups and absolutely NO OVERNIGHT.  Again, this is for drop and pick up, no tying up for any period of time and leaving the boat unattended.



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