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Contact info for McShane
Tuesday, June 6th to Tuesday, December 31st
Our contact person at McShane is Jessica Fisher.  If you have questions, please send an email to jessica@mcshanemanagement.com.  Otherwise utilize the manager email or the board email and someone will attend to your questions as soon as possible.
If you are having trouble with payments on the new system, here is the website:
And an APP link:
Wednesday, September 13th to Monday, April 1st
It is required that garage doors been closed at all times when not in use.  As we move towards cooler temperatures, critters can get into the units and pipes are more likely to freeze; also, for aesthetic reasons, it is against by-laws as well.  Critter removal is costly and will be at your expense if you have been notified about consistently leaving your garage open.  
Garbage Cans
Wednesday, November 29th to Saturday, March 30th
Garbage cans MAY NOT be left outside your garage.  They should be placed out on the evening before trash collection days at dusk NOW TUESDAYS and returned to the garage as soon as possible after collection.  GFL DOES TRASH AND RECYCLE WEEKLY!  Unfortunately, GFL is not offering group purchase for those interested in buying a Trash bin; contact them directly to purchase at $175 per bin. RECYCLE BINS BELONG TO EACH UNIT.  REGARDLESS IF YOU DECIDE TO RECYCLE OR NOT, THE BIN MUST BE PUT IN THE GARAGE.  If your tenant leaves it out, they will be collected and you will have to pay for a future unit.  



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