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Use the menu on the left to explore our community. Residents must register an account to access THIS site; the administrator will take 24-48 hours to grant access; if you do not get an emailed password, please request another access as some passwords did not generate an email over the last few months.  New buyers may take longer to access since paperwork needs to be recorded and reported so please send a message to the board if you have not been granted access within a week of purchase. Please contact us with comments, questions, suggestions or anything else to help make East Bay Village a more enjoyable place to live.  Go to the ASSOCIATION page FOR YOUR PERSONAL ACCESS FOR WORK ORDERS; this is a sperate registration.
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Annual Meeting
Posted on May 4th, 2024
We did not meet a quorum for our annual meeting; all board members shall serve another year if they choose to continue; there will not be official annual meeting minutes.
Posted on Apr 15th, 2024
McShane & Associates is pleased to announce our plan to streamline the pool FOB process for the 2024 season. Our goal is to ensure that no one misses out on enjoying the pool for the Memorial Day weekend and beyond.  We’ve come up with a new process that allows established Co-owners, who have lost their existing FOBs or new Co-Owners, who were not given the existing key FOB assigned to their unit, to request and obtain new pool FOBs in plenty of time for the pool opening scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.
If you have an existing pool FOB that functioned properly last year, you do NOT need to respond to this notice. If you have never received a pool FOB or have lost your existing pool FOB, you may contact the McShane & Associates office starting May 1, 2024, to request a new or replacement FOB.  After May 1, 2024, please contact Stephanie Lipman at 248-320-3646 or slipman@mcshanemanagement.com. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request in time for Memorial Day weekend if we have not received that request by May 15, 2024.  Again, if you have an existing pool FOB that functioned properly last year, you do not need to respond to this notice.
There is a $25.00 charge for new or replacement FOBs if you do not have an existing FOB for reprogramming. All Co-owners are limited to (1) one FOB per unit, unless otherwise specified by your Association Board.
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2024
Too many things are being added to the exterior of our buildings without approval; any exterior additions should be approved first or violations we sent to rectify the situation, this includes satellite dishes, lights, ring cams, cameras, and anything permanently affixed to the fascia of the building.
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2024
Too many co-owners are leasing their units without prior approval from the association; reminder that a lease agreement is require 10 DAYS PRIOR to move in and must include the names of all tenants with contact information. 

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Contact info for McShane
Tuesday, June 6th to Tuesday, December 31st
Our contact person at McShane is Jessica Fisher.  If you have questions, please send an email to jessica@mcshanemanagement.com.  Otherwise utilize the manager email or the board email and someone will attend to your questions as soon as possible.
If you are having trouble with payments on the new system, here is the website:
And an APP link:
Garbage Cans
Wednesday, November 29th to Thursday, May 30th
Garbage cans MAY NOT be left outside your garage other than pick up days, to the right of your garage; do not place cans on grass or common areas; they should be stored next to your unit.  They should be placed out on the evening before trash collection days at dusk NOW TUESDAYS and returned to the garage as soon as possible after collection.  GFL DOES TRASH AND RECYCLE WEEKLY!  Unfortunately, GFL is not offering group purchase for those interested in buying a Trash bin; contact them directly to purchase at $175 per bin. RECYCLE BINS BELONG TO EACH UNIT.  REGARDLESS IF YOU DECIDE TO RECYCLE OR NOT, THE BIN MUST BE PUT IN THE GARAGE. Please disclose rules and bylaws to tenants.
Tuesday, April 23rd to Friday, May 31st
Dogs may not be unleashed on premises and clean up the dog poop. 

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