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Use the menu on the left to explore our community. Residents must register an account to access the site; the administrator will take 24-48 hours to grant access.  New buyers may take longer to access since paperwork needs to be recorded and reported so please send a message to the board if you have not been granted access within a week of purchase. Please contact us with comments, questions, suggestions or anything else to help make East Bay Village a more enjoyable place to live.
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Late Fees
Posted on Oct 27th, 2022
Effective January 1st, HOA late fees will be $50 per month.  Please make sure you you verify your account balances, and confirm when letters are sent out a year end that all balances are paid in full.  Setting up an automatic debit through McShane for HOA dues to prevent late fees is recommended.  
Maintenance/WORK ORDERS
Posted on Sep 14th, 2022
Helpful notes when requesting a service request:
You must put in a work order (the link under under association)
Maintenance/customer service
When you use this link you will need to enter your login and password provided on a house shaped sticker with your welcome docs (if you can't find this number, send an email or call McShane and they will give you your log in and password.  The log in is sensitive to the dash in your login  (ie 123-34567)
Sending requests to the general email box will not get processed like a true work order if you are getting a delayed response.  If you select yes, come fix, and the maintenance issue is NOT COVERED under the association coverage, you will be charged for the maintenance work.  If you have any questions on what is covered, ask first before selecting this choice.  Also, maintenance will be scheduled as available and based on the severity of the issue.  Please use the emergency hotline if there is a major issue.
Posted on Aug 18th, 2022
~Do not leave trash or dog poo bags or garbage on balconies or front porches; it is everyone's duty per by-laws to keep their area clean of trash.
~Please do not put trash in dog poo bins; these are for dog bags only.  If you note a bin is full or overflowing, please send a message to McShane.
~Reminder to keep garage doors closed when not in use to avoid critters and insects, and for aesthetic reasons per EBV bylaws.
~Non working vehicles may not be parked on EBV common grounds; those may only be stored inside garages.  
~Any grill usage must be done 10 feet away from the building per fire codes; no grills on balconies, used in garages or stored outside your unit is allowed.
~Trash bins must be stored inside garages at all times other than scheduled collection days.

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Garage doors
Thursday, August 18th to Friday, March 31st
Reminder, all garage doors should be closed when not in use, both for aesthetic reasons and to keep critters and insects from potentially infesting adjoining units.  This will be crucial in winter months to avoid animals getting into building and to prevent pipes from freezing.  We understand at times you will be using the garage and it may be open for as long as it is in use; that being said please close the garage overnight and when not in use; NO propping open the garage with a shim or post. 
Wednesday, November 2nd to Saturday, December 31st
We have had numerous reports of speeding cars throughout the community; violations will be sent to co-owners if your car is identified as a speeding vehicle.   If you witness speeding cars, please send a message to McShane as we can't stop it if its not reported.  PARENTS: PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN IN SAFE PLAY AREAS; we have received even more complaints about kids playing in the street and hitting cars with balls along with safety concerns about them not being seen by cars.    
Thursday, December 1st to Tuesday, January 31st
You should have received you HOA dues for 2023.  If McShane does not auto draft your payment (meaning you signed up with them to PULL the payment, then you will need to make sure you change your figures if YOU send it through automated billpay through your bank.  It is good practice to confirm before the years end that all dues, fees and repair costs are paid in full to avoid further late fees as they are going to $50 per month beginning Jan 1st.  As we mentioned in previous annual meetings, we had to get our HOA dues in line with necessary reserves to maintain over a 1 million dollar budget to get our community back in good shape.  We outlined dues being raised significantly over a number of years on a declining scale.  We feel that we are in much better shape to care for future expenses, but being 20+ years old we do have to address large projects coming over the next 5 years.  We will continue with paint, and egress repair towards the back of the community in the next 2 years.  We do understand there is brick damage throughout the community, but we have to address the most severe brick repair before we do cosmetic repair.  We also have roads a roofs coming and would like to address potential needs in the annual meeting so please plan on attending.

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