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Lease Agreements
Posted on Nov 16th, 2021
If you currently have tenants residing in your unit and have not submitted a lease agreement, you are in violation of bylaws.  Please submit lease agreements to McShane prior to the consummation of a lease.  There is a $250 lease agreement fee required for all co-owners renting their unit.  If we do not receive a lease agreement, co-owners will be given a notification to provide these terms, and if the request is not met, you will be subject to a fine.  Please confirm your lease agreements are on file with McShane, and if there are changing tenants, please provide them prior to move in dates.
2022 Dues
Posted on Nov 1st, 2021
By now you should have received your 2022 dues in the mail.  Please MAKE ADJUSTMENTS to your auto debit to AVOID LATE CHARGES.  All dues must be paid in full prior to the 10th of each month or a $30 late fee is assessed.  If you do not think you were late, please contact McShane to review payments.  The late fee is assessed each month that ALL outstanding balances are not paid in full prior to their due date.
Fence Repair
Posted on Nov 1st, 2021
Fence repair is complete
Wood Replacement
Posted on Nov 1st, 2021
By now you should have received notification regarding wood replacement in units that were scheduled to be painted in 2021 and 2022.  Due to labor and paint supply issues, we are moving forward with the replacement on buildings 4-12 as they are all slated to be painted in May 2022.  They are slating gazebos as well for this year if weather conditions hold up.  You will be notified when construction is expected to commence; estimated November.

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