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Upcoming Improvements
Monday, September 20th to Friday, October 29th, TBD
Upcoming improvements are very difficult to schedule due to understaffing and materials and are delayed. 
Round 2 of painting Bldg 5-8 and Clubhouse will likely commence with lumber and repair, but weather may prevent paint application until Spring 2022; we have asked for an early date, and paint/repair will include the next set of buildings scheduled originally for 2022 for paint and repair Bldgs 9-12.
Gazebo Restoration may be completed this year, but it is pending schedule and weather
Fence repairs have commenced on the East Bay Drive
Dock Privacy Fence is also being held up by the City of Walled Lake and McShane is meeting with the City for required needs; this project has been delayed until 2022.  Also due to issues with the older dock, we have budgeted for a dock replacement in 2022
Moderate brick and pavement repair will begin throughout the community. We understand extensive brick replacement is needed throughout the community and the extensive brick repairs will begin in the original buildings and rotated through the community similar to the paint schedule. 

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