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Annual Meeting
Posted on May 5th, 2022
Unfortunately we did not quorum with enough participants at the Annual Meeting; therefore all board seats will continue for a 1 year term and anyone interested in joining the board will be chosen by the existing board through next year.  Additionally, due to lack of quorum, official minutes will not be posted and the meeting will be listed as an informaitonal meeting only.  The slide show presentation has been added to the newsletter page.
Black top repairs
Posted on Apr 15th, 2022
We have asked a contractor to do some black top patching throughout the community due to weather deterioration.  They have started on the Village drive entrance and will continue through the community.  Road Repair will be a topic for capital improvements in coming years.
Egress Windows and Brick Repair
Posted on Apr 15th, 2022
The community is going through a very large brick repair project.  We have moved quickly and I'm happy to report the egress Windows are complete in Buildings 3-6 and brick repair will be finished on those buildings shortly.  Buildings 1-2, and 7-8 will begin egress repair along with brick repair in May.  We will then move on to buildings 9-12 with an estimated fall completion.  Brick and paint will begin on the back end of the community in Spring of 2023 as well.  

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Construction Traffic
Friday, January 14th to Saturday, December 31st
The builder has submitted plans to begin building a 4 unit building at site #29 near the ponds behind building 7.  Vehicles are anticipated to be moving through the easternmost Leon entrance and around the fountain to limit road usage.  We are still currently working with the builder on the required plans and anticipated traffic and we will update as things commence.  The builder may only build at one building site until completion before they start construction on any other buildings.  The foundations that are existing at site 13 and 18 will be addressed should building plans be submitted.  Update-Building is happening for Building 29.  Please report to McShane if construction vehicles are not entering the site by way of Leon Rd.
Basin Repair
Friday, April 15th to Friday, September 30th
We understand the basin repair on Old Pine Way has been a long time; however, we do need to wait for declining water levels in the catch basins to fully repair that area.  We have also contracted to have all basins repaired in 2022 with an unknown completion date for water levels.  Please leave the can in the hole and DO NOT MOVE the construction barrier.
Dock and Fence
Friday, April 15th to Saturday, June 4th
The dock order has occurred and we are hoping to have the dock in the water by May 26th.  This is a no boat dock as always and due to expenses, please remind guests/lake friends that there is ABSOLUTELY no tying up to the dock for any reason.  The fence is awaiting approval from the city and may not get approval until mid summer.  The first few pieces have been put in, the rest of the dock will be coming soon

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