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Fireworks Saturday June 25th
Posted on Jun 24th, 2022
The Walled Lake Civic Fund has their annual fireworks show on Saturday, June 25th. This is a fantastic show and they are asking for donations. Please donate cash to keep this event moving forward.  It’s about a $30,000 show. To donate go to:


There will be road closures around 8:30 pm along the lake.  Please be respectful of your neighbors, and ask your guests to avoid using the upfront overflow co-owner parking.  We recommend carpool and parking behind your garages as available.  Be safe and enjoy the evening. 
Urgent Pool Matter
Posted on Jun 21st, 2022
Dear Co-owners and Tenants:
It has come to our attention that damage was caused at the clubhouse Wednesday June 15th.  On that date, it was reported that someone had let in a person or party that resulted in excess of 20 people.  We are reviewing the camera footage and key usage on that date and any co-owner or tenant will be responsible for damages potentially caused by their guests, fines and restricted pool usage.  As a reminder each tenant or co-owner must use their own key to enter the pool and are limited to a few guests.  You should not be letting people into the pool without their key.  While we understand that some people are known East Bay residents, we are asking you to please keep your key on your possession as we may need to also limit bathroom access if issues persist.  It is critical this information is communicated to tenants.
Please do your part in protecting our property and if an immediate issue arises, please send an email to board@eastbaywalledlake.com 
6/22/22 Another person reported they saw a kid jump the fence and let someone in; if you see this, PLEASE speak up or send a board email asap so we can ask them to leave before things get out of hand.
Annual Meeting
Posted on May 5th, 2022
Unfortunately we did not quorum with enough participants at the Annual Meeting; therefore all board seats will continue for a 1 year term and anyone interested in joining the board will be chosen by the existing board through next year.  Additionally, due to lack of quorum, official minutes will not be posted and the meeting will be listed as an informaitonal meeting only.  The slide show presentation has been added to the newsletter page.
Egress Windows and Brick Repair
Posted on Apr 15th, 2022
The community is going through a very large brick repair project.  We have moved quickly and I'm happy to report the egress Windows are complete in Buildings 3-6 and brick repair will be finished on those buildings shortly.  Buildings 1-2, and 7-8 will begin egress repair along with brick repair in May.  We will then move on to buildings 9-12 with an estimated fall completion.  Brick and paint will begin on the back end of the community in Spring of 2023 as well.  

~    Upcoming Events    ~
The Pool is open!!
Saturday, May 28th to Monday, October 31st
Reminder pool usage is for co-owners; all guests must be accompanied by an owner or verified tenant with lease agreement; guests are limited to moderate numbers.  No large parties are allowed at the pool and clubhouse rentals do NOT include the pool usage.  Please adhere to the posted hours or keys will be restricted.  Children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
Drop off Pick up boat and kayak deck added by water entry
Wednesday, June 1st to Saturday, December 31st
We have added a small dock for kayak entry and boat drop off and pick ups.  Please DO NOT  use the main dock to avoid damage or you will be responsible for damage.  Please direct your pick ups to the small dock.  We are not responsible for damages or injuries using this dock.  There are NO short term tie ups and absolutely NO OVERNIGHT.  Again, this is for drop and pick up, no tying up for any period of time and leaving the boat unattended.

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