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Use the menu on the left to explore our community. Residents must register an account to access the site; the administrator will take 24-48 hours to grant access.  New buyers may take longer to access since paperwork needs to be recorded and reported so please send a message to the board if you have not been granted access within a week of purchase. Please contact us with comments, questions, suggestions or anything else to help make East Bay Village a more enjoyable place to live.
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Annual Meeting April 12th at the Lakes Bible 6:00pm
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2023
Annual meeting at the Lakes Bible Church at 309 Decker Rd. Start time is 6:00pm for registration, with a prompt meeting start at 6:30pm.
All owners are encouraged to attend so we can discuss future projects, budgets, and board candidates.  We will be casting voter ballots for a by-law amendment that will support limitations on rented units to maintain the warrantability of our current owners.  Please attend to cast your vote or be on the lookout in your mail to cast your vote by June 1, 2024.
New EBV contact John Kaye
Posted on Feb 23rd, 2023
We want to wish Chuck Vomastek a fond farewell as he will no longer serve as the account manager for EBV.  John Kaye has been assigned to EBV.  While you may be speaking to John directly with questions and concerns, we find it most effective if you either message manager@mcshanemanagement.com or board@mcshanemanagement.com if board members should be involved.  Thanks you!
Spring paint and egress repair and some road patching
Posted on Jan 18th, 2023
Reminder that Buildings 14-17 are scheduled for paint so communication will be distributed closer to the spring/summer dates.  Also egress repair will be slated for spring/summer as well on buildings 9-12.  We have done some road patches to get us further into necessary road repair.  Please report any major issues if you see them.
Unapproved Satellite Dishes
Posted on Jan 18th, 2023
It has come to our attention that the satellite dishes are getting out of control.  People are not requesting exterior modification before installing and they are placing their dishes in front of neighbors windows.  As we advance toward roof repair, we are recommending that you discontinue any future contracts to be extended as there will be a hard stop to satellite dish installation; they are NOT be approved throughout the community and will be removed entirely during roof installation and will be a by-law violation on all future installations.

~    Upcoming Events    ~
Garage doors/Stolen Cars
Thursday, August 18th to Friday, March 31st
Reminder, all garage doors should be closed when not in use, both for aesthetic reasons and to keep critters and insects from potentially infesting adjoining units as we have seen an increase in critter issues. NO propping open the garage with a shim or post. Also, per Walled Lake police there is a ring of car thieves casing associations in the Walled Lake area, they've been looking for Chrysler and Dodge vehicles typically.  They are able to access your key fob in your home and steal vehicles.  Walled Lake police recommended Amazon for Faraday bags to hold key fobs to protect the radio waves.  If you see anyone walking around in the middle of the night, call police.  If you hear or see any suspicious activity around vehicles, please ask the Walled Lake police to drive through and protect yourselves as necessary.  
Garbage Cans
Friday, February 17th to Wednesday, May 31st
Reminder: Garbage cans go out at dusk on Wednesday evenings, and should be returned inside the garage as soon as able on Thursday (other than pushed holiday dates, when it falls on a Thurs-Friday).  Wind has been critically bad recently and garbage sitting out has created a mess when these are put out too early.  Garbage cans should never be left outside the garage.  We have sent warnings to some units who continually leave their cans outside and will send fines if that continues.
Friday, February 17th to Wednesday, May 31st
We have had numerous complaints of speeding in the association.  There are children and neighbors walking pets that cross over at various points of the road.  There is NO NEED to speed through the association.  Also, please be mindful at both openings that there are blind spots and narrow entry along East Bay Drive, so please take care when turning onto the main roads.  Please send a photo of any speeding vehicles to McShane and we will send out violations.  It is critical we look out for safety reasons!

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