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Use the menu on the left to explore our community. Residents must register an account to access THIS site; the administrator will take 24-48 hours to grant access.  New buyers may take longer to access since paperwork needs to be recorded and reported so please send a message to the board if you have not been granted access within a week of purchase. Please contact us with comments, questions, suggestions or anything else to help make East Bay Village a more enjoyable place to live.  Go to the ASSOCIATION page FOR YOUR PERSONAL ACCESS FOR WORK ORDERS; this is a sperate registration.
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Posted on Sep 13th, 2023
All pets should be leashed at all times.  Due to the number of animals in the community, you may not let can and dogs roam around freely.  Be a good neighbor and use a leash!
Fall repairs and other community action
Posted on Jul 10th, 2023
Paint has been started, please move your cars from behind garages when your buildings are scheduled.  Please remove all decorative items from any wood fascia or plan accordingly on balconies; you will need to schedule a date for door painting and Mastercraft will reach out for the available date.  The doors will need to be left open for a minimum of 3 hours so plan accordingly.  There is flatwork/cement repair has been completed; we will look at needed areas annually within budgeting.  The FENCE is IN!!
Posted on Apr 17th, 2023
The drop off pick up dock is IN.  There is no tying up for ANY AMOUNT OF TIME.  Boats must not be left unattended.  This is the ONLY DOCK you may pick people up on regardless of water depth as that fluctuates; if you are not able to get a boat into the pick up dock, you must get on boats from water entry or a boat can be walked up.  As owners and tenants, please don't ask neighbors to pick you up from the main dock; we will send violations. REMINDER: no boats/jetskis/all terrain vehicles or haulers are allowed to be left on site in the community for any length of time; there is no mooring of boats/water toys. REMOVAL will happen mid October.
Unapproved Satellite Dishes
Posted on Jan 18th, 2023
It has come to our attention that the satellite dishes are getting out of control.  People are not requesting exterior modification before installing and they are placing their dishes in front of neighbors windows and in unapporoved locations on the building.  As we advance toward roof repair, we are recommending that you discontinue any future contracts to be extended as there may be a hard stop to satellite dish installation; they are NOT be approved throughout the community and will be removed entirely during roof installation and will be a by-law violation on all future installations.  Please expect to get a violation for removing dishes anywhere on the face of a building.

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New Contact info for McShane
Tuesday, June 6th to Sunday, December 31st
Effective immediately, our contact person at McShane is Jessica Fisher.  If you were working with John Kaye and you are awaiting answers, please send an email to jessica@mcshanemanagement.com.  Otherwise utilize the manager email or the board email and someone will attend to your questions as soon as possible.
If you are having trouble with payments on the new system, here is the website:
And an APP link:
Close Garage Doors
Wednesday, September 13th to Monday, April 1st
It is required that garage doors been closed at all times when not in use.  As we move towards cooler temperatures, critters can get into the units and pipes are more likely to freeze; also, for aesthetic reasons, it is against by-laws as well.  Critter removal is costly and will be at your expense if you have been notified about consistently leaving your garage open.  
Garbage Cans
Wednesday, September 13th to Saturday, March 30th
Garbage cans MAY NOT be left outside your garage.  They should be placed out on the evening before trash collection days at dusk and returned to the garage as soon as possible after collection.  

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