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Titled vehicles
Posted on Jan 26th, 2024 Comments (0)
As a reminder, all cars stored outside garages must be individually titled and registered with unexpired plates.  All vehicles non-working and unregistered must be stored in garages.  Additionally, work titled vehicles are not meant to be stored on premises.  No trailer hitches at any time may be stored on premise.
2024 Plans
Posted on Oct 27th, 2023 Comments (0)
Spring updates: We will continue on our last leg of paint on the back units in 2024 and wrap up egress repairs in fall 2024.  We will work on some beautification of our shoreline now that the fence is installed.  Estimated annual meeting in May 2024. Construction is almost complete on the building 2 of the new buildings and the 3rd building on Pointe Dr in Phase 2 are beginning right away.


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